Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo
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"Dear Zoo" is twenty-five years old -- and still as popular as ever! And with an updated look, this children's classic is sure to delight a new generation of readers!vezi tot

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Opinia cumpărătorilor

This book is great Only down side is there are no names for the animals, so could be more difficult for English 2nd language. However is great as you can add your own words, as my husband likes to ..."so they sent me an... elephant from Thailand" etc.

Bought this book for my little one who's now 9 months and he absolutely loves it. He loves lifting the flaps to see the animals so it's not just me reading the book to him, he's actively engaging too! Started when he was 5 months on this book and till now he still goes back to this book for story time. Great buy.

Probably my granddaughters favourite book. She is two and a half years old.

"I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me an..." Dear Zoo is a Lift-the-Flap book. Lift the flap to see what inappropriate animal the zoo has sent to be the new family pet. Will they ever get it right? This is a great little book for babies and toddlers. The pictures of the animals are not too cartoony so they are a wonderful introduction to animals and how to identify them. The text is very simple and repetitive. This book is a winner for children aged 0 to 3.

My 18 month old loves this book! It's a simple story of various animals the zoo sends the writer to have as a pet. My daughter now knows which animal is under each flap and loves to call out it's name (e.g. "monkey!") on each page. This is a great book, especially for children 1-3 years old.

My son (10 months) loves lifting the flaps on this book. The flaps are made from a heavy material and so far has lasted well (unlike some other board books where they have been easily torn from the page).

It's always the first book that is picked off the shelf in our house by our 18 month old. Great book, great price.

Ideal for babies, with simple words. Love the flip aspect of the book which creates interest.